A fume chamber or fume hood or fume cupboard is a type of local ventilation systems that is designed to limit coverage to toxic fumes, hazardous, dusts or vapors. The fume hood is two main types exist, PVC ducted and carbon filter recirculating (ductless). Other related types of local ventilation systems (devices) include: Laminar air flow, Biosafety cabinets, Clean benches, glove boxes and snorkel exhausts.

All local ventilation systems (devices) are designed to three primary goals:

  • To protect the user from inhaling toxic fumes (Fume hoods, Glove boxes, Biosafety cabinets)
  • To protect the product or testing (experiment) (glove boxes and biological safety cabinets)
  • To protect the atmosphere (recirculating fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, the exhaust airstream)

  • Fume hoods naturally protect only the user, and are maximum commonly used in laboratories where noxious chemicals or hazardous are released research development, during testing, practicing and also used in industrial applications or other activities where noxious vapors or gases or hazardous or dusts are generated or released. Inspection of Fume Hoods  should be inspected in accordance with the American Society of  Engineers (ASHRAE 110)  to certify proper control and ASHRAE 110 means quantifying containment performance

    Fume Hood Design :

  • Inflammable and  acid material storage cupboards (cabinet)
  • Sash
  • Alarms, sensors, controls, and gauges
  • Air foil (Sill)
  • Air jambs
  • Baffles
  • Operating Performance
  • Location
  • Face velocity
  • Air flow indicators
  • Inspection of Fume Hoods Fume chambers or hoods are inspected in accordance with the American Society of  Engineers ASHRAE 110 to certify proper control and ASHRAE 110 means quantifying containment performance
    ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995, “Method of Testing Performance of Laboratory Fume Hoods”
    SEFA 1-2002, “Laboratory Fume chamber or Hoods, Recommended Practices”
    SEFA 1.2-1996, “Laboratory Fume chamber or Hoods, Recommended Practices”

    Fume Hoods Specifications :

  • Ergonomic features, like taller sight lines, a crush-resistant sill airfoil, and a wire chase that keeps cords out of your way.
  • Advanced ergonomic features, like an optional and innovative automatic sash control that automatically moves back to the correct working position while leaving your hands free.
  • Safety features that are far above the industry standard – including higher-rated safety glass, thicker liner board, and consistent airflow delivery for the life of the hood.
  • Innovative design that offers more usable space — ideal for a tall or bulky apparatus, material, or process.
  • Quality construction for longer life, for all-welded steel frames to forged brass bodies on the remote service fixtures.

  • Fume Hoods Applications
  • All safety critical exhaust systems including
  • Universities lab
  • Hospitals
  • Samples testing Laboratories
  • Steel manufacturing industry
  • Research facilities
  • Hospital/infirmary isolation rooms
  • Chemical Laboratories
  • Correction facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Heat recovery system
  • Hydrocarbon processing plants
  • Wastewater/sewage treatment plants
  • Industrial solvents
  • Food processing/preparation facilities
  • Diesel generator exhaust
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